About Spice Village

Spice Village is an authentic Indian food Takeaway with a generous selection of slow cooked curries, loads of vegetarian favourites and freshly made Pizzas. It is ideally located at 234 Glenmavis Rd, Glenmavis, Airdrie ML6 0NQ, and does take out and delivery.  

Experience punchy flavours in our fragrant Biryanis, creamy Ceylonese style Kormas and seriously delicious Madras lamb curry. Or find comfort in our most popular chef’s specialities with creamy tikka Masala, full flavoured Balti and homemade Jalfrezi. Whatever you decide to order, you will get an instant kick.

Just get your phone and type in ‘Where is the best Indian food in Airdrie?’ Our website is sure to come up first. Tap it and place your order online to get exclusive deals and discounts.

Palak Paneer is such a staple at our menu, which is made with succulent Paneer cubes (Indian cottage cheese) in a smooth spinach puree. It was such a great way to sneak in the greens. Pair it with a warm, fluffy paratha to really make a feast of it.

Another must order is our slightly sour chicken Achari. It is one of the tastiest and most popular North Indian stews, made with a special blend of Achari spices.

The healthy selection of our Indian vegetable dishes, including hearty Chana masala and Bombay Aloo, will satisfy any vegan palate. They are all amazing and loaded with fresh, local ingredients.

There is also an impressive range of sizzling Turkish kebabs, juicy Burgers, golden breaded Fish and chips and crispy fried Chicken to fix your fast food cravings. Our cheesy Doner Kebabs will turn a classic Turkish delight into a dinner feast. Give it a try and order now!

A catering service is also available for parties, events and gatherings. Please check out our Buffet deals or call us at 01236747590 to ask for more details.

We are proudly partnered with Mealzo online food ordering platform that offers a £3 voucher on orders over £15! Download the Mealzo App and order from your local Takeaway at a better price.

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Thanks for choosing us. Looking forward to serving you again!


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